IPv6 Security Threats & Mitigations

IPv6 Security Threats & Mitigations

When: Wednesday, 29 February 2012
Time: 09:00 - 10:30 (UTC +5:30)
Where: Room 292
Instructors: Rohit Bothra and Dilip Sai Chandar, Cisco Systems, India

IPv6 has finally started to take off as a result of:
  • Exhaustion of the IANA IPv4 free pool
  • Awareness activities such as the “World IPv6 Day”
  • Imminent exhaustion of the free pool of IPv4 addresses at the different RIRs As we are heading towards more and more IPv6 based network deployments, it is extremely critical to understand the security threats it bring with it. A lot of myths have been created around IPv6 security:
  • Security is a key component of the protocol
  • Change from network-centric to host-centric paradigm
  • Increased/compulsory use of IPsec
  • Etc etc etc
These myths have contributed to a general misunderstanding of the security threats of IPv6, thus negatively affecting the emerging (or existing) IPv6 networks. This presentation separates fudge from fact, and offers a more realistic view of “IPv6 security threats” and how to mitigate those vulnerabilities. It is meant to Influence the way in which we think about IPv6 security (and IPv6 in general).

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21 February - 2 March 2012


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