Internet Peering Workshop

Internet Peering Workshop

When: Thursday, 1 March 2012
Time: 09:00 - 12:30 (UTC +5:30)
Where: Room 292
Instructors: William B. Norton, DrPeering International

The Internet Peering Workshop is a proposed one-day workshop for Internet Service Providers, Internet Exchange Point Operators, and Content Providers interested in getting into peering in the Internet Peering Ecosystem

We start with the industry definitions and the components of a base peering ecosystem. These definitions are then exercised in the Peering Simulation Game where the participants engage in peering negotiations designed to highlight the power dynamics observed in every peering ecosystem.

Next we move on to explore the math behind peering, the ""When does peering makes sense?"" question. The tradeoffs associated with peering publicly and privately, and with content or access are discussed.

With this foundation, we enlist peers from India and the Asia Pacific region to present characteristics of their ecosystem so we can learn from each other.

We finish up the workshop by highlighting the ""tricks of the trade"" that ISPs around the world have used to obtain peering where they otherwise would not have been able to obtain peering. For the IXP operators, we share the ""tricks of the trade"" that IXPs have used to build that initial critical mass, grow the critical mass and compete with the incumbent IXP.

This workshop is based on a decade of work in the field. The presentations have been refined over 100 presentations.

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Ashok Hotel,
New Delhi, India


21 February - 2 March 2012


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