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Arrival by Air

Welcome to Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport! You will find the tips below quite useful when entering this airport.

Before Entering Immigration Area

• If you have registered already for this convention on-line, then you will be on the ‘airport pick-up’ list.
• Look for a person holding a board saying ‘APRICOT 2007 or PACTO’
• Give your name and the APRICOT 2007 registration number
• Once you find your name on the list, you will be escorted all the way to the transportation area
• You will enjoy a free transportation directly to your hotel (as long as you are using the official APRICOT 2007 hotels).

Immigration Area

Travelers with visa:
• Fill in the disembarkation card
• Have all your Passports, ticket & boarding pass ready for immigration clearance
• Stand in the line “International Passengers / Travelers”

Travelers with visa using APEC Card
• Same as above, except there is a special line stating “APEC Id Card & Diplomatic Passport”. The line is shorter than the regular lines.

Travelers requesting VISA ON ARRIVAL
• Fill in the disembarkation card. Tick in the purpose of visit as “Attending Convention”
• Have all your passports, ticket & boarding pass ready for immigration clearance
• Go to the booth stating “Visa on Arrival”
• Pay your entry visa. The rates are USD 10 for 7 days or USD 25 for 30 days.
• Then proceed to the immigration line “International Passengers / Travelers”

Travelers flying in from any cities in Indonesia – Domestic Flights
• There is a possibility that your plane will park at the International Terminal instead of the Domestic Terminal (because your flight might come from outside Indonesia prior to the domestic city you board in). If this is the case, then the immigration officer might ask you to cue in the line for immigration clearance instead of just proceeding directly to the Luggage Pick-Up & Custom Area. To avoid this, please SHOW them your BOARDING PASS prior to standing on the immigration line. They will let you pass just like other local travelers.

Customs Area

Before entering the customs area, please prepare to answer the following questions:
• Do you bring in any merchandise / goods (newly purchased) from outside Indonesia with the value equal to USD 250 per person or USD 1000 per family?
• Do you bring in more than 200 pieces of cigarette or 50 pieces of cigar or alcohol more than 1 liter?
• Do you bring in any video cassette or movies or music cd?
• Do you carry cash equal to USD 5000 per person?


• For security reasons, please use only the Registered / Licensed Taxis. They have counters located inside the terminal, right after the luggage area. We recommend our travelers to use “Blue Bird” Taxi Company. From the airport to Bali International Convention Center or to hotels in the Nusa Dua area by taxi will cost you approximately Rp 50,000 (or equal to about USD 5.50,-)

Tipping Etiquette

• Should you need a koli carrier / assistance with your luggage, then the tip will be Rp. 10,000 per luggage (or equal to USD 1.10)

All of us at the Committee would like to wish you a pleasant stay in Bali!

How to get to Bali International Convention Center (BICC) Venue

You can get to BICC by taxi from Ngurah Rai Airport. Most taxi drivers speak a few words of English and are quite helpful. Always ask the driver to use the meter, except on the airport where prices are fixed.

Getting Around Bali


There are many tour operators who organize day trips by air-conditioned bus. The quality of the service is usually quite good, but rather expensive (prices start at US$ 25 per person). You will also find out that shopping usually occupies a prominent position in the schedule.

Public transport

Bali is infested with little green minibuses. These bemos , as they are called, service fixed routes. You always pay the same amount (Rp 500), whether you go all the way or get off two minutes later. But be careful, because bemos are infamous for overcharging tourists.

Rental car

Because of intense competition among rental car companies, prices are lower than anywhere else on this planet. Surprisingly, there are only two models available: the Jimny, and the somewhat larger Kijang. If you plan to bring some luggage or more than four people, the Kijang is the only realistic choice. Do not pay more than US$ 20 per day for a new and fully insured Jimny. The maximum price for a Kijang is US$ 20 per day. Gasoline is very cheap, (US$ 0.25 per liter), and there are many petrol stations. It is quite cheap to rent a driver (US$ 10-15 per day). The more adventurous among us may consider self-drive. If you're not sure of yourself, don't do this. Traffic in Bali is notorious, even in other parts of Indonesia.


Taxis are widely available, good, and very cheap. A 30 minutes drive from the airport to Denpasar would cost you less than US$ 3! The best and most popular taxis are the blue cabs from Bali Taxi (0361-701111) and the orange ones from Praja Taxi (0361-289090). Most taxi drivers speak a few words of English and are quite helpful. Always ask the driver to use the meter, except on the airport where prices are fixed.

The new regulation from the Airport Authority commencing January 2007 for security reason:

1. Only 2 staff are allow to be at the arrival (immigration) area
2. We can not put Hospitality Desk inside the arrival (immigration) area, however we are going to have the desk at the arrival hall (outside)

Airpot transfer is available for those who stay at the official hotel (please report to Hospitality Desk to arrange the transfer)


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