Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, 27 February-7 March 2002.

Fellowship Program


The APRICOT Fellowship Programme supports attendance at APRICOT by key participants from developing countries, who may otherwise not be able to attend. It provides part funding and free registration for selected applicants, who are encouraged to participate fully in APRICOT workshops, tutorials and conference sessions.

The fellowship membes will be provided with reasonable (local host standard) food, accommodation, allowance and complimentary attendance to the conference, tutorials, and all social events.

There will be Fellowship for Thais please CLICK HERE.

Criteria for Selection

The APRICOT 2002 Fellowship Committee will select fellowship members according to the following criteria. The criteria are designed to provide support to those applicants with the most potential to benefit, as well as fairness and transparency in the selection process.

Candidates are sought from developing countries, who play any of the following roles in their countries:

  •  Network builders (designers, engineers and support staff)
  •  Internet educators (teachers and lecturers at secondary and tertiary levels)
  •  Top decision makers in Government, education, NGO and commercial sectors

While it is expected that the majority of candidates will be selected from the Asia Pacific region, candidates from other regions may also apply.

The Fellowship Committee will favour candidates who demonstrate their potential to benefit by participating in APRICOT 2002. It is expected that successful candidates will contribute to APRICOT in the future as participants, presenters or trainers; and also by nominating suitable applicants for the Fellowship Programme in future years.

If you want to be supported by our program, please provide details as required in the application form and send it to APRICOT2002 Committee at fellowcom@apricot2002.net


Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee includes the following individuals, all of whom have had a long association with APRICOT and with Internet development in the region:

  1. Dr. Byung-Kyu Kim, KRNIC, Korea (Chair)
  2. Dr. Pichet Durongkaweroj, NECTEC, Thailand
  3. Dr. Kanchana Kanchanasut, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  4. Mr. Vijay Parmar, APDIP, Malaysia
  5. Dr. Kwan Siththani, NECTEC, Thailand
  6. Mr. Paul Wilson, APNIC, Australia
  7. Prof. Xing Li, APNG, China

    The role of the Committee is:

    •  to develop the APRICOT2002 Fellowship Programme;
    •  to attract funders and sponsors to support the programme;
    •  to determine the number of applicants and the funding allocations to each;
    •  to select the successful candidates;
    •  to prepare for the next Fellowship Programme;

The Fellowship Programme and Committee are supported by the APRICOT 2002 Secretariat, NECTEC, the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center of Thailand.


Deadlines and Applications

The relevant deadlines for this programme are:

Public announcement :   8th Nov 2001
Application deadline (first round) :   13th Jan 2002
Selection deadline (first round) :   20th Jan 2002
Application deadline (second round) :   1st Feb 2002
Selection deadline (second round) :   8th Feb 2002

Please email application for the Committee to fellowcom@apricot2002.net


APRICOT2002 Fellowships for Thais

Good news for all local (Thai) Internet/network engineers, network builders and decision makers!! A limited number of local fellowships are available for applications by suitably qualified Thais to attend APRICOT2002 which will be held at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), Bangkok from 27 Feb-7 Mar 2002. These fellowships are meant to attract network builders and Internet decision makers who cannot afford the fees to attend the APRICOT conference and tutorials. (Successful outstanding fellowships may also qualify for accomodation in Bangkok, together with other foreign applicants.)

Those interested please submit your applications stating the following:

Name, Address, Email
Work experience and areas of interest
Motivation to participate (a short write-up stating why you want to attend APRICOT)

Please send all applications via email to :

Email: fellowcom@apricot2002.net
Website: http://www.apricot2002.net
Tel: +66-2-6351090 & 1
Fax: +66-2-6351094