Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, 27 February-7 March 2002.


APRICOT is a forum that facilitates knowledge sharing among key Internet builders in the region, with peers and leaders from the Internet community worldwide. Since 1996, APRICOT has established itself as Asia Pacific's premier regional Internet Summit where related organizations converge and host their annual general meetings and other special events.

The week-long summit comprises seminars, workshops, tutorials, conference sessions, Birds of a Feather (BOFs), and other forums, all geared towards spreading and sharing the knowledge required to operate the Internet within the Asia Pacific region.



APRICOT's mission is to develop and advance the skills and understanding necessary to grow a robust Internet infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region. APRICOT is about bringing the world's top Internet experts together with those who can benefit most from this knowledge.

APRICOT attendees are the key builders of Asia's Internet. These are individuals who directly impact the operational deployment and stability of Internet Protocol (IP)-based networks and services.

One fundamental principle of APRICOT has been its vendor-neutral objectiveness that provides for informed opinion. It creates a neutral educational forum that provides for frank discussions on the skills, policies and technologies that are critical for the smooth operation of the Internet network and services infrastructure both regionally and internationally.

APRICOT also provides its sponsors the chance to participate in a quality, content-rich event with excellent opportunities to target their products and services at the decision-makers in the Asia Pacific Internet community.

This event has a one-year technology horizon. This means that APRICOT is involved with the latest technologies in cyberspace today, or those that are likely to emerge within the next 12 months. As APRICOT is only organised once a year, special attention is given to the creation of affinity groups that foster mutual support throughout the year. During the year, these affinity groups play a key role as a source of knowledge and experience.


A non-profit Event

APRICOT's primary goal is to provide a vehicle for the transfer of technology and techniques to the Asia and Pacific Rim. As such, our attendance fees are set lower than the more promotional-oriented conferences and in fact, are set to match the fees found at many Internet Engineering Task Force meetings. APRICOT is not profit oriented. Any surplus funds will be used to keep attendance fees low at APRICOT 2003.


Summary of Previous of APRICOTs

  1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001
Host Country  Singapore   Hong Kong    Phillipines   Singapore   South Korea    Malaysia 
Number of Attendees   280 630 320 632 850 888
Number of Countries 18 25 24 25 36 32
Number of Sponsors 10 27 18 19 37 36