We invite your firm to sponsor and participate in APRICOT ‘98, to be held from 18th - 20th February in the Philippines at the Shangri La Manila Hotel in Makati, Manila.  Sponsoring APRICOT provides organizations with access to a select set of individuals involved in the decision making and daily operation and administration of the Internet.

Intent to Sponsor


Sponsorship Agreement


Sign-up Soon For the Best Positioning!

Booth and table space is severely limited and allocated on a first come/first served basis. Please contact us as soon as possible via email, telephone, or fax to express your interest and commitment to sponsor APRICOT.

Expected Attendance

With the APRICOT social event on Friday and associated meetings being held on the weekend following the conference, APRICOT is structured to encourage attendees to stay and participate for the entire event.  As such, it is predicted the actual attendance figures will remain relatively constant for the duration of the event.

Based on previous APRICOT’s and the level of interest shown by the Internet community in the Asia and Pacific Rim region in general and the Philippines in particular, the organizing committee is estimating the total attendance for APRICOT ’98 to be approximately 1200 people.  Of these, the organizing committee is estimating that approximately 35% will be going to tutorials only, thus the total attendance for the conference portion of APRICOT ’98 should be on the order of 800.

As the technical tracks of APRICOT are highly focused and not “dumbed down” to reach the lowest common denominator, APRICOT attendees have historically tended to be the upper level technical staff of Internet service providers, telecommunications companies, equipment vendors, governmental bodies, and universities. As in past APRICOTs, upper level management of these organization are also expected to attend due to the inclusion of the APIA business oriented track on Thursday and the APPLe policy and legal track on Friday.

Type of Sponsorship

There are three levels of sponsorship -

Platinum sponsors contribute US$15,000. Sponsorship provides:

•Prominent large logo positioning and sponsorship mention in banners, on-line/print advertising, mailings, press releases, and interviews

•Prime location for exhibition booth space

•Booth space: approximately 12 sq. meters

•Distribution of company-supplied brochures or gift (bags, mouse pads, pens, etc.)

•Use of attendee mailing list in electronic format

•Opportunity to exclusively sponsor, at additional cost, ancillary functions such as lunches, dinners, etc.

Four (4) complementary conference registrations

Sixteen (16) complementary exhibition passes


Gold sponsors contribute US$10,000. Sponsorship provides:

•Standard logo positioning and sponsorship mention in banners, on-line/print advertising, mailings, press releases, and interviews subordinate to PLATINUM sponsors.

•Standard location for exhibition booth space

•Booth space: approximately 6 sq. meters

•Distribution of company supplied brochures to attendees during registration.

•Use of attendee mailing list after conference in electronic format.

•Two (2) complementary conference registrations.

•Eight (8) complementary exhibition passes


Silver sponsors contribute US$5,000 Sponsorship provides:

•Logo positioning and sponsorship mention in banners, on-line/print advertising, mailings, press releases, and interviews subordinate to GOLD and PLATINUM sponsors.

•Approximately two sq. meters table space to place product information.

•One (1) complementary conference registration.

•Four (4) complementary exhibition passes

* Please send me the APRICOT Sponsorship Information via postal Mail


Early Bird Sponsors - "Diamond" contributors

To encourage sponsors to sign up early, APRICOT has created a special designation "Diamond" with associated benefits. Sponsors who contribute the sponsorship funds received at APNIC office or our bank by 31 December 1997 will be considered "Platinum Diamond", "Gold Diamond", or "Silver Diamond" sponsors and will be entitled to:

•Be part of the APRICOT advertising campaign -- logos will be included in the APRICOT-supplied promotional materials including conference bags, advertisements in globally circulated magazines and direct mailing, and press releases. Please contact the APRICOT Organizing Committee for more details at apricot-oc@apricot.net

•Priority choice of booth space -- booth space is limited and assigned on a first come, first served basis. In previous APRICOTs, we were unable to satisfy all requests for sponsorship. Hence, sponsoring early is in the sponsor's best interest to reserve booth space.

•Double the sponsorship level of conference registrations (i.e., 8 conference registrations for Platinum, 4 conference registrations for Gold, 2 conference registrations for Silver)

•Double the sponsorship level of exhibition passes (i.e., 32 exhibition passes for Platinum, 16 exhibition passes for Gold, 8 exhibition passes for Silver)


APRICOT Fellowships

Not all attendees can afford to come to APRICOT; however, it is often the case that those who cannot afford to participate are the individuals who would most benefit from attending. Hence, APRICOT has created a fund to provide fellowships to individuals in lesser-developed economies in the Asia & Pacific Rim region.  Donations to the APRICOT Fellowship program can be made in several ways: submitted and earmarked for specific lesser-developed economies, specific organizations (i.e., educational institutions, NGOs, etc.), or individuals.

Donating directly to the APRICOT Fellowship fund. Companies, organizations, foundations, and individuals can contribute directly to the APRICOT Fellowship fund. This money will be used by the APRICOT Fellowship selection committee to facilitate applicants to attend the full week of APRICOT activities. Minimal donation to the APRICOT Fellowship is US $5,000. Direct Donations to the APRICOT Fellowship will be prominently recognized in APRICOT Fellowship publicity during APRICOT.

Ear-marking APRICOT Sponsorship contributions. APIA Sponsors can earmark a portion of their sponsorship funds for the APIA Fellowship program. Silver sponsorships can earmark US $500, Gold sponsorships can earmark US $1,000, and Platinum sponsorships can earmark US $1,500.  A check mark on the APRICOT Sponsorship agreement makes it easy to become part of the APRICOT Fellowship activities. APRICOT Sponsors who earmark funds for the APRICOT Fellowship will be recognized in APRICOT Fellowship publicity during APRICOT.

Sponsor on your own. Organizations can sponsor their members, customers, or others directly by covering their travel costs, logging, and conference/seminar fees. The sponsoring organization works with the APRICOT Fellowship Committee to insure fellows receive the same benefits as fellows sponsored directly APRICOT fund. Direct Fellowship sponsors will be recognized in APRICOT Fellowship publicity during APRICOT.

For full details on the APRICOT Fellowship program: e-mail fellowship@apricot.net or call the APNIC office (Tel +81 3 5500-0480 Fax  +81 3 5500-0481)

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