IPv4/IPv6 BGP Routing Workshop

Date: 19-23 February 2013
Venue: White & Pink Azalea

This is a technical workshop, made up of lecture and hands-on lab work to teach the OSPF/ISIS and BGP skills required for the configuration and operation of large scale networks that make up the Internet.

Target Audience
Technical staff who are now building or operating a wide area service provider network with international and/or multiprovider connectivity, or considering participation at an Internet Exchange point.


  • It is assumed that the workshop participants know how to use a router command line interface, do basic router configuration and have a working knowledge of an IGP (OSPF or ISIS) and BGP fundamentals. 
  • This workshop is not an introduction. The lab exercises use Cisco IOS configuration syntax.
  • Participants are required to bring laptops.

Workshop Topics

  • OSPF/ISIS design and best practices for Service Provider networks
  • BGP introduction, attributes and policy
  • BGP scalability (including Route Reflectors and Communities)
  • Aggregation
  • BGP Multihoming Techniques (redundancy and load balancing)
  • ISP Best Practices
  • Peering best practices
  • IPv6 Background and Standards
  • IPv6 Extensions for Routing Protocols
  • IPv6 Addressing and Address planning
  • IPv6 Deployment Case Study
  • X.509 RPKI and Origin Validation
  • BGPSEC and AS-Path Validation

Instructors (subject to change)
Kurt Erik Lindqvist (Netnod)
Philip Smith (APNIC)
Mark Tinka (SeaCOMM)
Randy Bush (Internet Initiative Japan)
Johnathan Lee (GlobalTransit)
Kshitiz Shrestha (Nepal Telecom)

Attendee no.
  28 delegates per workshop

Workshop Materials

Download Workshop Materials (zip, 25.1 MB) for this workshop.

Key Info


Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore


19 February - 1 March 2013


Now open

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