Getting to Kyoto and the KICH Venue

Airport Bus [to Kyoto Station] 2,800 JPY / 105 min.

Schedule/Pick up Point

Shuttle Bus (Taxi) [direct to your hotel] 3,000 JPY / up to 180 min.

The Shuttle makes stops at different hotels to drop off passengers.
Reservation required.

Train [to Kyoto Sta.] 3,490 JPY / 75 min.


** From Kyoto Station it is a 20 min. ride on the subway Karasuma Line (260 JPY) to the final stop on the line [Kokusaikaikan mae]. The KICH venue is directly in front of this subway stop.

Getting Around Kyoto


Kyoto City (PDF, 36KB)
Subway Line (PDF, 824KB)
KICH Area (PDF, 20KB)

The main methods of transportation used when traveling within Kyoto, are the Subway lines, Buses, and Taxis.


The immensely reliable Subway is the easiest method of transportation to reach the Kyoto International Conference Hall, located at the north end of the Karasuma line. It is 20 mins. from Kyoto Station, and most of the signs are in Japanese and English. Tickets ranging from 200-320 yen are bought from bilingual machines located beside the ticket gates.


Most of Kyoto's innumerable temples, shrines and other cultural treasures are located away from the subway and are better accessed by the network of City Buses. Buses are entered through the rear doors, and the fare paid at the front when leaving the vehicle. Change should be made before the stop at the change machine beside the driver, although it is important to note that bills larger than 1000 yen are not accepted.
Most of central Kyoto city is accessible by a flat rate of 220 yen. For suburban destinations, the fare increases with distance, and requires you to take a number slip when getting on.

Take advantage of the following discount cards:

  • Kyoto Sightseeing Card (1,200 yen for one day, 2,000 yen for two days)
    Allows for the unlimited usage of Kyoto City Buses and the Kyoto Subway system.
  • Kyoto City Bus One Day Card (500 yen)
    Allows for the unlimited use of the Kyoto City Buses, within the set fare area.

Taxis are another option for traveling within Kyoto.
Kyoto is the city with the largest number of taxis in Japan, and are consequently easily found on all major roads. Taxis are available if the light on the roof is on, and the sign in the bottom corner of the windshield is red. Fares start from under 600 yen for the first couple of kilometers.

Japanese taxis are safe, clean and comfortable to ride. Remember NOT to touch the doors as they are fully automated.