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Conference Topics

The APRICOT conference is hosted after the tutorials. There are generally two specialised technical tracks per day (technical track 1 and technical track 2), with a third track addressing a different specific subjects such as business, educational and policy issues.

Conference & Tutorial Program

  • IPv6
  • Routing
  • Wireless Local Loop
  • APNIC Address Policy
  • ASP Opportunities
  • Delivering Broadband
  • Streaming and Multicast
  • Multilingual DNS
  • Traffic Engineering & MPLS
  • Security & APNIC DB
  • High Performance Routing
  • ASP Technologies
  • DNSSEC, Bind V9, IPv6 Bind
  • Network Security
  • Voice over IP Trends & Standards
  • APNIC Address Policy pt2
  • Optical Networking
  • Content Distribution Net Works
  • VoIP impact on ISP Infrastructure
  • Reverse DNS
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Network Game Technology
  • Peering & Internet Exchanges
  • QoS