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February 26, 2001

The Asia-Pacific Regional Internet Conference On Operational Technologies (APRICOT) 2001 will offer Malaysian an immense opportunity to be an active player in the world's fastest exploding industry - the internet.

With more than 800 participants, key Internet players, experts and personalities involved in presentations and tutorials, Malaysians from all walks of life will benefit from a global-class event held practically at their doorstep.

"Apricot 2001 promises to be an exciting internet summit with some of the best minds in the industry converged here to share ideas, knowledge and tips on maintaining Internet operational stability in the Asia-Pacific region," said Wendy Liew, Pikom Chairman and Honorary Chairman of APRICOT 2001.

"As a participant, you can be well assured of being in the best of company. The huge pool of knowledge available under one roof will certainly enhance the skill sets of all Malaysians and others from the region," added Ms Liew.

The theme for this year's APRICOT which is "Building The Next Generation", reflects the huge potential and diversity of the Internet and how it is impacting social, economic and technological norms.

"Some of the major topics to be covered will focus on emerging technologies and pressing issues that concern all countries within the region, if not the world. These include next generation networks and Internet protocols, wireless networking, broadband technology and implementation as well as Internet regulation and policy.

"Notable presenters include Jun Murai from APNIC, Tan Sri Othman Yeop Abdullah from Multimedia Development Corporation, Anders Comstedt of Stokab and David Isenberg of Isen.com.

"The success of APRICOT 2001 and the extent of value that all Malaysians will stand to gain depends on all our active participation. To this end, I urge more people to take advantage of the knowledge that will be disseminated including all Birds of a Feather discussions and social events.

"We are particularly pleased with all the Intenet Service Providers (ISPs) and mobile telephony players who have responded positively by sending big numbers of participants.

"Only several of the tutorials are fully signed up. We can still accommodate walk-in participants. All they have to do is come to PWTC, register and make payment for the fees," explained Ms Liew.

Further details can be obtained from http://www.apricot2001.net.

APRICOT 2001 is hosted by the Ministry of Energy, Communications and Multimedia as well as PIKOM.

APRICOT is a forum that facilitates knowledge-sharing among key Internet builders in the region, with peers and leaders from the Internet community worldwide.

About PIKOM :

PIKOM, the Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry, Malaysia is the trade association representing the ICT industry in Malaysia. PIKOM's 355 member companies provides of the whole spectrum of ICT products and services and control approximately 400 companies which command about 80% of the total ICT trade in Malaysia.

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