Sponsorship Agreement

  1. Please complete and sign this form and return by fax to Ms. Polly Ng, Singapore Computer Society, by 12 February 1999 to fax + 65 377 3022
  2. All Sponsors: please email Colour GIF Logo Image and Black and White Postscript Logo File to polly.ng@scs.org.sg

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[ For background details please see APRICOT'99 Sponsorship Invitation ]

This is an agreement made between:

Singapore Computer Society, being the designated local conference organiser, on behalf of Asia Pacific Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (APRICOT), hereinafter referred to as 'APRICOT' and:

Company Name of Sponsor: _______________________________________________

Contact Person Name: ____________________________________________________

Contact Person Address: __________________________________________________

Contact Person Tel/ Fax: _______________________(T) ______________________(F)

Contact Person Email: _____________________Company Web Site _______________

...hereinafter referred to as 'Sponsor'.

Sponsorship Level

For the purpose of underwriting the Asia Pacific Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (APRICOT) to be held in Suntec City, Singapore during 1-5 March of 1999, Sponsor agrees to pay (check tick one):

a) [ ] PLATINUM Sponsor (US $19,000)

b) [ ] GOLD Sponsor (US $13,000)

c) [ ] SILVER Sponsor (US $5,500)





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APRICOT Fellowship Programme

[ ] Please allocate 10% of our contribution to the APRICOT Fellowship Program

Benefits Received

In exchange, APRICOT agrees to afford the Sponsor the following benefits:

Platinum sponsors contribute US$ 19,000. Sponsorship provides:



Gold sponsors contribute US$13,000. Sponsorship provides:


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Silver sponsors contribute US$5,500. Sponsorship provides:


Sponsorship of APRICOT Social Activities

On a first come first serve basis, sponsors can choose to sponsor, at additional cost, one (1) of the following (check tick one):

    1. APRICOT Opening Reception [ ] (Evening, Tuesday March 2)
    2. APRICOT Breakfast 'Meet Me' [ ] (Wednesday March 3)
    3. APRICOT Lunch [ ] (Wednesday March 3)
    4. APRICOT Evening Dinner [ ] (Wednesday March 3)
    5. APRICOT Breakfast 'Meet Me' [ ] (Thursday March 4)
    6. APRICOT Lunch [ ] (Thursday March 4)
    7. APRICOT Evening Dinner [ ] (Thursday March 4)
    8. APRICOT Breakfast 'Meet Me' [ ] (Friday March 5)
    9. APRICOT Lunch [ ] (Friday March 5)
    10. APRICOT Closing Social Event [ ] (Evening, Friday March 5)


APRICOT conference organizers reserve the right to cancel the event 14 days prior to the conference. Conference will be canceled if the expected registrations fall to a level which will place the conference in debt.

In the event of cancellation, APRICOT conference organizers will refund the sponsors' money, less an amount not exceeding 20% to cover expenses.

Payment Due Date

Payment is due immediately up acceptance of these terms. Payment is considered overdue and sponsorship forfeited if payment is not received by close of business, Singapore Time, 12 February 1999.


BY ________________________ BY (Sponsor representative)

FOR_______________________ FOR (Sponsoring organization)


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Payment Method:

[ ] By Company Cheque or Bank Draft made out to

Singapore Computer Society

1 Maritime Square

#11-07A World Trade Centre

Singapore 099253

Phone: +65 377 3011

Fax: +65 377 3022

[ ] By Interbank Wire Transfer to "Singapore Computer Society"

Bank Name : DBS Bank

(Queensway Branch)

Bank Address : Blk 123 Bukit Merah Lane 1


Singapore 150123

Account Type : Current Account

Account Number : 006-004869-2

Account Name : Singapore Computer Society

For More Information - Watch http://www.apricot.net for upcoming final program and registration information OR subscribe to the APRICOT mailing list by sending a message to sponsor-request@apricot.net with the work "subscribe" in the body OR send a message to APRICOT Executive Committee at apricot-exco@apricot.net OR call Ms Polly Ng of Singapore Computer Society at Tel: +65 377 3011, Fax: +65 377 3022 or Email: polly.ng@scs.org.sg.