APRICOT Picture APRICOT'99 Policy Track Program
. Policy Track Program

Friday, 5 March 1999
Co-ordinated by APPLe

The Policy TRack is included in the full conference fee paid for by APRICOT attendee.  

If you are interested in only the Policy Track, you can attend at a special rate of S$50. Just sign up using the APRICOT online registration form and there is a slot there for APPLE/Policy Track only attendees.

9.00 am to 10.00 am APRICOT PLENARY SESSION KEYNOTES (Room 208/209)

10.00- 10.30 Q&A

10.30- 11.00 coffee break

The Internet industry and International Infrastructure issues
(Room 201)

11.00- 12.30 ISP roundtable session "How can the APEC study on International Internet financing benefit ISPs in this region"

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Ministerial Meeting in June 1998, adopted a resolution to study the International Charging Arrangements for Internet Services, and if and when appropriate to adopt solutions. Singapore was the proposing economy and has initiated the launch of this study by offering to pay for the initial part of the study. The Request for Proposals was released and a consortium of consultants has been chosen to lay out the issues. This is an issue that lies at the heart of ISPs bottom line, and is not new to them. Yet, how can APEC’s involvement affect them or even benefit them and some of the fundamentals of this problem, will be some of the issues explored in this roundtable session.




Roundtable Panelists:

Lunch for APPLe attendees only in Room 208/209 sponsored by the Commercial Internet Exchange (CIX) - this lunch is held to enable discussions from earlier sessions to continue over lunch.

Lunch speaker - Ms Barbara Dooley, President and Executive Director of the Commercial Internet Exchange

2.00- 3.30 Dialogue on Intellectual Property Rights issues in general and its impact on the Internet industry (Room 201)

This session will be discuss issues such as ISP liability for copyrights, how does caching fit within Intellectual Property laws, how does the new WIPO Convention influence the internet industry, how does trademarks law apply to domain names, what are the WIPO Panel of experts recommendations to ICANN, etc.

Co- Chairs



3.30-4.00 coffee break

4.00- 5.30 pm Dialogue on content regulations in general and its impact on the Internet industry

This session will cover issues such as censorship laws, spamming, privacy, etc. It will explore how are other countries dealing with content censorship, are their carrier liability risks involved in these regulatory trends that ISPs should be aware of, and are there any global or regional trends in general that the Internet industry should generally, be aware of, etc.



Coordination of the Policy Track is undertaken by the APPLe Forum
Suggestions, questions and comments should be sent to Laina R. Greene <laina@getit.org >.

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