APRICOT Picture APRICOT'99 Business Track Program
. Business Track Program

APRICOT99 - Business Track - Wednesday,  3 March 1999
co-ordinated by Asia-Pacific Internet Association (APIA)

THEME:  Paths to Profitability for ISPs

FOCUS:  For commercial Internet service providers, achieving profitability
        is critical to long-term success.  Though APRICOT is primarily focused on
        the technical and operational aspects of providing Internet service in the
        Asia-Pacific region, the business issues cannot be overlooked.  The focus
        of the business track is to provide insights into increasing the
        profitability of an ISP, whether through generating revenue through
        providing additional services or forming synergistic alliances.

Session 1 (1:30 pm - 3:00 pm):  The ISP Market in Asia-Pacific and Business

Strategies for ISP's
-Ways to Collect Information: Ramin Marzbani, Managing Director, www.consult
-Asia-Pacific ISP Market Survey:  David Kellar, VP, Access Media International
-Rethinking the Economics of the ISP Business in Asia-Pacific:  Jin Ho Hur,
Founder, INET 
-Providing Remote Access VPNs for Enterprises: Jason Ma, 
Asia Managing Director, iPass

Session 2 (3:30 pm - 5:30 pm):  Services Leading to Profitability

-Fax over IP as a Value-Added-Service:  Tim Lambie, 
Managing Director, Asia Pacific, NetCentric
-Deploying Global VoIP Services:  Paul McGovern, Director of Marketing, ISPtel
-Web-based Customer Service and the Need for Live Interaction:  Terry Lim,
Managing Director, Rising Trout
-Electronic Commerce Opportunities:  
Expanding Your Customer Base -- Bridging the Language Chasm
Virginia Cha, CEO, Star+Globe Technologies

In each session, each of the speakers will speak on their topic for
approximately 20 minutes.  Then, a moderator will open up the discussion
for questions from the audience and from the other speakers.  The purpose
is to encourage an interchange of ideas and provide a forum for ISP's to
learn about new paths to profitability and the necessary steps to take. 

Gigi Wang, Director, APIA