Online Registration for APRICOT 1999
1-5 March 1999
Suntec City, Singapore

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    Tutorial Dates: 1-2 March 1999
    Conference Dates: 3-5 March 1999
    Venue: Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre (SICEC): Suntec City
    Downtown Singapore

    Conference Registration Form

    Part 1: Particulars of Attendee
    Family Name Example: Tan
    Given Name Example: Tin Wee
    Name to appear on Conference Badge Example: Tan Tin Wee
    Company/ Organisation/ Affiliation Example: National University of Singapore
    Job Title Example: Director
    Address Example: 10 Kent Ridge Crescent
    City/State Example: Singapore
    Country Example: Singapore
    Postal Code Example: 119260
    Telephone Example: +65-774-7149
    Facsimile Example: +65-779-0724
    E-mail Address Example:
    Special Status Sponsor
    Session Chair
    Conference Speaker
    Tutorial Speaker
    Volunteer Student/etc
    Name Tag Category Label on your Badge
    Accompanying Persons If you have a spouse/etc accompanying you, and you wish to have some hospitality, please check this button. We will follow up with you by email. .
    Part 2: Choice of Tracks Please check each appropriate box
    1-2 March 1999
    • Overseas Delegate per day
      US$250 late registration
      US$200 early bird special
    • Local Delegate per day
      S$438 late registration
      S$350 early bird special
    • 4-Person Special Corporate
      US$750 or S$1315 per day
    Tutorial Day 1 Tutorial T1.1 Tutorial T1.2 Tutorial T1.3 Tutorial T1.4 Tutorial T1.5 Tutorial T1.6 Tutorial T1.7 Tutorial T1.8 None
    Tutorial Day 2 Tutorial T2.1 Tutorial T2.2 Tutorial T2.3 Tutorial T2.4 Tutorial T2.5 Tutorial T2.6 Tutorial T2.7 Tutorial T2.8 None
    Conference Attendance:
    3-5 March 1999

    • Overseas Delegate
      US$250 late registration
      US$200 early bird
      For all 3 days
    • Local Delegate
      S$438 late registration
      S$350 early bird special For all 3 days
    • 4-Person Special Corporate
      US$750 or S$1315
      For all 3 days
    Conference Days 3-5 It helps us if you could tentatively indicate the choice of your attendance below so that we can arrange the room sizes and refreshments more efficiently. You can switch around later on.
    Conference Attendance:
    3 March 1999
    Special Track 3-1: ICANN Open Mtg (morning)
    Special Track 3-2: ICANN Open Meeting (afternoon)

    1330h - 1500h
    Technical Track (Infrastructure) I1 Backbone NextGen
    Technical Track (Applications) A1 IP Telephone I
    Business Track B1 ISP Strategies to Profitability

    1530h - 1700h
    Technical Track (Infrastructure) I2 Backbone NextGen
    Technical Track (Applications) A2 IP Telephony II
    Business Track B2 Profitable Internet Services

    Peering/Exchange Points BoF F1
    Y2K BoF F2
    Conference Attendance:
    4 March 1999
    1030h - 1200h
    Technical Track (Infrastructure) I3 The Last Mile
    Technical Track (Applications) A3 Customer Mgmt
    Educational Track E1: (jointly with APNG Education WG)
    1330h - 1500h
    Technical Track (Infrastructure) I4 International Alternatives
    Technical Track (Applications) A4 VPNs
    Educational Track E2: (jointly with APNG Education WG)

    1530h - 1700h
    Technical Track (Infrastructure) I5 Caching and Beyond
    Technical Track (Applications) A5 Unified Messaging
    Educational Track E3 (jointly with APNG Education WG)

    Women in IT BoF F3
    iDNS BoF F4
    PGP Signing BoF F5
    Conference Attendance:
    5 March 1999
    1030h - 1200h
    Technical Track (Infrastructure) I6 Network Security
    Technical Track (Applications) A6 DNS nextgen
    Policy Track P1: (jointly with APPLe) (morning)
    1330h - 1500h
    Technical Track (Infrastructure) I7 QoS & Dir
    Technical Track (Applications) A7 Scalable App & Colocation
    Policy Track P2: (jointly with APPLe) (afternoon)

    1530h - 1700h
    Technical Track (Infrastructure) I8 IX Futures
    Technical Track (Applications) A8 Scalable Backbone
    Policy Track P3: (jointly with APPLe) (afternoon)
    APRICOT Exhibition
    Now Free!
    . Free
    Internet World Asia
    @ Singapore'99
    (Exhibition only):
    3-5 March 1999
    (free to APRICOT attendees)
    . Exhibition only. To attend full IW conference, please register at their website
    Note 30% discount for IW conference if you sign up for APRICOT
    Singapore Linux
    Conference 1999:
    5-6 March 1999
    . To attend full Linux conference, please register at their website
    Note 30% discount for Linux conference if you sign up for APRICOT
    Part 3: Mode of Payment Please choose one
    By Check(Cheque) or Bankdraft Please make your cheques or draft payable to:

    "Singapore Computer Society"

    and send it to:
    Singapore Computer Society
    1 Maritime Square
    #11-07A World Trade Centre
    Singapore 099253
    Telephone: +65-377-3011
    Fax: +65-377-3022
    By Interbank Wire Transfer
    Transfer to:

    "Singapore Computer Society"

    Bank Name       : DBS Bank (Queensway Branch)
    Bank Address    : Blk 123 Bukit Merah Lane 1
                                  Singapore 150123
    Account Type    : Current Account
    Account Number  : 006-004869-2
    Account Name    : Singapore Computer Society
    Via Credit Card
    Visa Mastercard
    Card Number:
    Card Holder's Name:
    Expiry Date:
    Free or Not Applicable .
    Part 4. Amount Payable: Please choose one: Early Bird Discount is now on till 11 Feb 99EXTENDED BY POPULAR REQUEST TO 19th Feb 99 - Sorry, Early Bird closed!!
    (SCS: GST Registration No: M4-0002382-4) Not applicable
    Free (only if specifically approved eg those on fellowship)
    US$10 - Now FREE! (Exhibition only)
    $50 (APPLe-PolicyTrack-only or APNG-APRICOT-Education-Track-Only)
    $100 (APPLe-PolicyTrack-only AND APNG-APRICOT-Education-Track-Only)
    US$250 (One Tutorial OR Conference+Exhibition)
    US$500 (One Tutorial and Conference+Exhibition OR Two Tutorials only)
    US$750 (Two Tutorials and Conference+Exhibition)
    Companies are entitled to Special Corporate Rates (ie, registering 4 person at the fees of 3) for sending 4 staff from same identical organisations.

    Registration (starts January 4, 1999)
    Helps you keep track of your APRICOT schedules, FREE!

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    AboveNet AP AT&T PacNet PSInet Asia Pacific
    SGNIC ASCEND Communications Inc National Computer Board, Singapore Hong Kong Telecom UniTech Computer Systems Ltd O'Reilly Commercial Internet Exchange Cisco Systems Alcatel