So we began in the bar
as all good evenings should.

Some would call this early planning, however that was in all reality happening upstairs

Fortunately it turns out that the Excelsior Hotel is well equipped for the modern Internet Ops Event
Finally after repeating warnings of "If you're still not ready and we have to go back to the bar one more time - you're gonna regret it", it was decided we could begin.
Of course by then it was all getting too much for some people - this guy's head was clearly about to fly into orbit if not held in position.
Stephen 'PAIX God' Stuart clearly felt that this conference was going to be tight on space.

Now where did this bit come from?

Static strap? I don't need to steeenking static strap!

And a while later it was clearly all getting too much for him !
Meanwhile - back at the IX FIPs

And at last!
It worked
(even the Bay Box)!

Mind you, the PAIX God seemed a bit dissapointed that his well-travelled RJ45 crimp tool had been utterly unneccessary.