APRICOT 1996 was held from 17th to 19th January at the RELC, Orange Grove Road, in Singapore.

The three day event was the Asia Pacific region's first attempt at holding a region wide network operator event, inspired by the establishment of NANOG in North America late in 1994 (evolving out of the Joint Techs meetings organised by Merit Network).

The full agenda for APRICOT'96 is available here. The 3 days included one day of tutorials and two days of conference plenary talks.

The Cast, Supporters, and Activities

David Conrad, at the time the Director General of APNIC, was the instigator and prime motivator to make APRICOT the Internet Technical and Operations meeting for the Asia & Pacific region.

Barry Greene, then working for SingTel, convinced SingTel to support and underwrite the event.

Harish Pillay persuaded the Singapore Computer Society to sponsor it at the RELC Centre in Singapore.

Bob Coggeshall chaired the APRICOT Organising Committee and gave the opening Keynote Talk.

Many volunteers constructed the terminal room and were the instructors for the first conference.

The organising committee included:

Digital paid for the catering.

And we have this nice explanation/demonstration by Stephen Stuart on how to build an IX.

The APRICOT'96 social event was a visit to the Singapore Night Safari.

For more information about other APRICOT meetings, please refer to APRICOT website.