Software Defined Networking Panel

Software Defined Networking Panel

When: Wednesday, 27 February 2013
Time: 11:00 - 12:30 (UTC +8)
Where: Island (Tanglin) Ballroom
Chair: Randy Bush

This panel session introduces speakers who will described Software Defined Networking. Each speaker will talk about their specialist topic and interest in SDN, and then will join the session chair in a panel session to answer audience questions.

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Software-Defined Networking and OpenFlow

Eric Choi, Brocade

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging concept that proposes to disaggregate the traditional vertically integrated networking stack in order to improve network flexibility and manageability. SDN will enable 'mass customization' of network operations to better support differentiated cloud services. Software-Defined Networking comprises a group of technologies that open the data, control, and management planes of the network to participate more easily in broader orchestration frameworks through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These APIs also facilitate the development of a rich new set of network applications and services from a wider range of sources, including independent developers, Value-Added Resellers (VARs), and user organizations themselves. In this presentation, we would like to give you an introduction about the Openflow protocol, its use cases and a network architecture through which software defined network can be realized in the large scale data centre and wan network.

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BGP evolution - from "SDN" perspective

Kasu Venkat Reddy, Cisco

SDN (Software Defined Network) will bring more agility and serviceability to networks. And one of the essences of SDN is "Abstraction". It is the basis for flexible programmability, virtualization, and tangibility.

BGP is the inter-domain routing protocol, which has been proven to scale and is even more evolving. This session discusses how BGP can be a method for "Abstraction", and thus can be a powerful tool for SDN. A few Internet Drafts and the use cases will also be discussed.

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SDN and Internet Exchange Points in NZ

Jamie Baddeley, Citylink Ltd

This is a short presentation providing an overview of the IXP environment in NZ, fundamental issues therein, and details of the plan to use Software Defined Networking combined with Traditional elements of an IXP to resolve these issues.

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Project CARDIGAN - Deploying a real world SDN controlled exchange fabric

Dean Pemberton, InternetNZ

This presentation outlines the steps taken to deploy the first distributed SDN controlled Internet exchange fabric in New Zealand (and globally as far as we can tell).

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