DDoS Attacks: Preparation-Detection-Mitigation Tutorial

DDoS Attacks: Preparation-Detection-Mitigation Tutorial

When: Tuesday, 26 February 2013
Time: 14:00 - 15:30 (UTC +8)
Where: Gardenia (Red & White)
Presenter: Fakrul Alam (bdHUB Limited)
Tutorial slides

This 90 minute tutorial will give an introduction into Wireless LANs and will include the following:

  • Wireless LAN Standards
  • WLAN Technology and Design
  • IEEE 802.11n
  • CAPWAP and Centralized Wireless
  • Wireless Mesh and AWPP (dot11s)

A Distributed Denial-of-Service(DDoS), one of the simplest and most powerful cyber attacks. It has existed since the past, but now attackers can give greater damage to their target due to the development of more effective attack techniques and the propagation of high-speed Internet.

DDoS attack is now getting a huge problem because the unspecified individuals (called zombie PCs) are used in loading malicious codes while attacking a single site or system.

In this paper we will figure out what is (D)DoS attack, how (D)DoS attacks happen and what are the motivations behind it. In later part, different types of (D)DoS will be analyzed, what preparation need to done and how we can detect and mitigate these attacks.

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Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore


19 February - 1 March 2013


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