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Nominee: Vinh Ngo

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I feel honoured to be nominated again for the APNIC EC election.

I had been working with APNIC for more than 10 years now since 1999.

I had the honour of being elected to APNIC EC during APNIC meeting in Kuala Lumpur Feb 2004.

I lasted served APNIC EC on Feb 2008 due to sudden illness, I was not able to attend and represent myself for nomination again at APNIC 25 in Taipei.

I attend almost every APNIC and APRICOT meeting ever since

I hope to represent the voice of the smaller monitory members.

I live and work in Sydney Australia. Australia is a multicultural country, living in Australia help to train myself to work well with other from different background especially with Asia.

I have strong understanding of business management and hand on IT management. I have experience in managing cost and managing IT resources.

If successful, I would use my time and experienced to contribute to APNIC and its members and be readily to listen members if they have any issues/suggestion on APNIC maters.