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Nominee: Maemura Akinori

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It is my honor to have another opponunity to run for the APNIC Executive Council.

To look back two years of my current term;

APNIC Community has had a substantial discussion on the policies regarding IPv4 address exhaustion. Prop-050 - IP Address Transfer Policy had been published in the beginning of the term, and finally reached consensus, and is about to be implemented. Prop-055 - Global Policy for the remaining IPv4 address space had been already published then, and now it has been ratified as a Global Policy at ICANN Board. a number of other policies have been discussed as well as these two.

The recent two years was the very term for deliberating the new fee structure. The EC took extra time to consider it through having additional retreats, bunch of study reports, a number of drafts, and public comments from Membership and the broader community. And finally issued the new fee schedule as the very first major amendment throughout a decade and more.

The life as an EC member for this two years was tougher and more substantial than past, by the things told above and some more, but I'd say it isn't meant to be enough, either that it has been over.

In the latter half of the coming two years, we will run out the IANA IPv4 address pool. We will finally see what it looks like, and what will be needed for the real operations of the Internet. We might need some new mechanisms to have the policies which we have produced and will produce from now on, practically work so that the Internet can work. APNIC will need to work very hard to prepare the post-exhaustion era in which APNIC's business is likely to be very different from what it is now.

If I successfully renew office, I will do my best for the APNIC Community, Membership and Secretariat, with all my expertise which I have obtained through experience as an EC member for almost a decade, including as the Chair since 2003, as well as those by JPNIC career.