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Western Australian Internet Association

The Western Australian Internet Association (Inc.) (WAIA) is an organisation that was formed in 1995 to represent the Internet community in Western Australia. At the time of formation, pending regulation and uncertainty meant that collaboration between different businesses in the Internet industry was a necessity.

Since then, WAIA has helped the industry to continue to grow in WA. Leading many vital debates and helping to set policy at different levels, WAIA has been instrumental in providing an innovative range of services to association members.

WAIA's purpose
The Western Australian Internet Association was initially formed to be an authoritative body to represent the Internet community during the formation of new laws surrounding the medium. Today, its purpose is to provide support to all suppliers and users of online services in WA and to assist in the growth of the Internet industry generally.

From the WAIA constitution:
· To support, encourage and advise of the development and use of on-line services and related innovations.
· To establish links with similar organisations.
· To support and protect the status, reputation and interests of IAPs.
· To decide all questions of professional practice and conduct by IAPs.
· To support, encourage and advise on the establishment of similar organisations in other States.
· To assist the expansion of Internet usage within Western Australia and to promote informed discussion in all matters affecting the Internet, as the Association sees fit.

WAIA run the Western Australian Internet eXchange, the largest Internet Exchange in Australia.