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West Perth WA 6872 Australia

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Application Opens

1 Nov 2005

Application Deadline

15 Dec 2005

Results Published

20 Dec 2005

Acceptance Deadline

14 Jan 2006

Hotel Options

Applications Closed


The APRICOT Committee would like to congratulate the following successful applicants:


TRI JOHAN FIRDIYANTO (Jogjamedianet, Indonesia)
Sugeng Jadmoko (PT Indosat Mega Media, Indonesia)
Iskandar Satyogo Prasetyo (PT Telkom Indonesia, Indonesia)
Suherlianto (PT. Indosat Tbk (www.indosat.com), Indonesia)
Shindu Wiguna (PT. Bitnet Komunikasindo, Indonesia)


Athukoralage Rajeew Sanjaya Perera (Suntel Ltd, Sri Lanka)
Thushyanthan Samuel (MTT Networks (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka)


Anil Kumar Vengalil (CSIR Center for Mathematical Modelling and Computer
Simulation, India)
Anjali Gajendragadkar (Symbiosis, India)


Francisco, Emmanuel II Papio (Pacific Internet Phils., Inc., Philippines)
Rolando (ePLDT Inc ., Philippines)
James Buatis (Destiny Inc., Philippines)


Tanveer Saad (GrameenPhone Limited, Bangladesh)
Muhd. Anisuzzaman Bipu (O-Net (Pvt.) Ltd., Bangladesh)


Christoper Fred Airu (Pacific ISlands Telecommunicaitons Association


Mohamed Ashraf (Focus Infocom Pvt Ltd, Maldives)


Yuanming Suo (China Network Communications Group Corporation, P.R.China)


Margad-Erdene.P (Railcom, Mongolia)


Samit Jana Thing (Worldlink Communications Pvt. Ltd., Nepal)


Bill Tomon (Information Technology Services Department, PNG University
of Technology, Papua New Guinea)


Mao Samphas (Huawei Technologies, Cambodia)


Hammad Khalid Khan (Nortel Neworks (Asia Pacific) Limited, Pakistan)


Samuela Kava (Shoreline Communication Ltd, Tonga)


Fellowship Program Overview

The APRICOT conference, convened annually since 1996, has been a unique and successful educational forum for Internet builders in the Asia-Pacific region, to learn from their peers and from leaders in the Internet community. Senior practitioners from the Asia Pacific and around the world contribute their time to APRICOT as presenters, teachers and trainers, to produce a non-commercial conference of consistently high-quality.

Since 2000, APRICOT has incorporated a Fellowship Program to provide opportunities to developing country personnel to participate in APRICOT. This program provides basic assistance to successful fellows to cover local living and registration expenses associated with attending the conference.

WAIA, the local organizer of APRICOT 2006, and the APRICOT 2006 Fellowship Committee now cordially invite suitable applicants to apply for fellowship funding to participate in APRICOT 2006 in Perth.

Target Audience

The APRICOT Fellowship Program targets personnel from developing countries who are actively involved in Internet development, in any of the following roles:

- Engineers (Network Builders)
- Decision Makers in government, educational, non-government and private sectors
- Educators and trainers

Award Package

Successful applicants will be provided with a reasonable (local host standard) allowance for food and accommodation. In addition all fees for participation by fellows in the Conference, Tutorials and Social Events will be waived. The final grant size is determined according to final costs and available funding, and will be advised to successful applicants.

It should be noted that travel expenses are not funded by the Fellowship Program and are the responsibility of the successful fellow.

Criteria for Selection

The APRICOT 2006 Fellowship Committee will select the fellows according to following criteria.

A. Membership of the Target Audience listed above
B. Residency in a developing country
C. Demonstrated ability to utilize the experiences gained from APRICOT
D. Willingness to return to APRICOT as a presenter or trainer in future

Applicants from any part of the world will be considered, however it is expected that the majority of fellows selected will be from the Asia-Pacific region.

Fellowship Selection Committee

The Fellowship Section Committee is Chaired by Suresh Ramasubramanian and Co-chaired by Tom Vest.