Kansai Science City Technical Tour


To all participants of APRICOT 2005, Welcome to Kyoto!

Kyoto Prefecture, City of Kyoto, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and IT related organizations of Kyoto present a free tour of cutting-edge facilities at Kansai Science City.

We look forward to your participation.

Date Friday, February 25 2005
13:00 Depart Kyoto International Conference Hall
Tour of Kansai Science City's environs from bus
14:15 National Institute of Information and Communications Technology KEIHANNA Human Info-Communication Reserch Center
[Visiting Digital Cinema, Intelligent City Walker and Infonoid Robot, Ubiquitous Home etc.]
15:45 Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International
17:00 Depart Kansai Science City
  Brief stop at Kyoto Station
18:00 Arrive Kyoto International Conference Hall
Tour Capacity 40 persons
Fee Free of charge
Guidance English-speaking guide
Participation Please register by e-mail or FAX.
(Click on the "Contact Us" link.)
-Please fill in your name, nationality, telephone or fax number, and e-mail.
-Registration will be closed as soon as capacity is reached.
-A particitation form will be sent to applicant by e-mail. Please bring a copy of the form (or give participant number) to the JTB tour desk between Sun, 20 Feb. and Thu 24, Feb. Then please pick up your technical tour ticket and detailed infomation on our tour.
Please click the right button to register by e-mail. Reservation

  Outline of Facilities

Kansai Science City Kansai Science City
Kansai Science City (KSC) is a national project conceived as an international, creative, interdisciplinary, and multi-industry nucleus for the promotion of culture and academic research. This new community is poised to make a great contribution to humanity in the future. KSC is situated in the Keihanna Hills (which extend over Kyoto, Osaka and Nara prefectures) within a 10 to 30 kilometer radius of these cities, which constitute the center of western Japan. KSC's aim is to promote not only the natural sciences, but all the inter-related activities of culture, academic research and industry, including the humanities and the social sciences, in cooperation with industry, academia and government.
KEIHANNA Human Info-Communication Reserch Center National Institute of Information and Communications Technology KEIHANNA Human Info-Communication Reserch Center (KICR)
Research at KICR focuses on IT systems and human interface, as well as content processing technology. At KICR you'll learn more about our Digital Cinema, a digital archive of our achievements, Intelligent City Walker, a geographic information system for the disabled and senior citizens, Infonoid Robot, and Ubiquitous Home, a model home equipped with an array of friendly user-interface telecommunications devices.
ATRAdvanced Telecommunications Research Institute International(ATR)
ATR is an independent corporation which conducts R&D, both basic and advanced, in the field of telecommunications. Research in Spoken Language Translation Research, Adaptive Communications Research, Wave Engineering, Human Infomation Science, Network Infomatics, Computational Neuroscience, Media Infomations Science, Intelligent Robotics and Communication, and so on is conducted here.

  Contact Us

Secretariat, Coordinated Event Executive Committee of Kyoto, APRICOT 2005
Mr.Harada, Mr.Moriki, IT Policy Office, Kyoto Prefectural Government
FAX: +81-75-414-4393@
E-mail: it-promo@mail.pref.kyoto.jp